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Constructive Home Inspections

Your Peace of Mind is Our Business

Residential Inspections

Constructive Home Inspections performs the following inspections for its residential clients. 

Pre-Sale / Listing

Take the unknown out of the equation. Give yourself and potential buyer the confidence that your home is ready to move in. The availability of an inspection report with major items repaired can lead to a shorter marketing time with less negotiating. The discerning buyer is more confident in the decision to purchase when they feel the seller has taken a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance.


You have found the home you’ve been looking for. A report by Constructive Home Inspections will provide information you need to make informed decisions on the level of maintenance and repair needed now or in the future giving you the “Peace of Mind” that this house will be the one that you will want to come HOME to for years to come. We are your consumer advocate.

Re-Inspection for Repair Items

If buyer and seller have negotiated for any items to be repaired from the initial inspection report Constructive Home Inspections can return to ensure those specific items have been repaired properly.

New Construction Monitoring

With new energy standards and differing construction methods it is more important than ever to be sure that all subcontractors are on the same page. More air barriers and sealants are being required throughout the home. Framing contractors, Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC technicians are having to to seal gaps and insulate where they have not done in the past. Lack of attention to these details can turn into higher energy bills down the road.

You want to be sure all building products are installed to manufacturer’s specifications, not “the way they are used to doing it” manufacturer’s specifications supersede minimum building code.

One Year Warranty

Most new home builders in our area provide a one year warranty. Before that year has expired we can perform an inspection and provide a report to give to the builder for repair. That crack in the drywall may be cosmetic or it could be a symptom of framing members that have contracted during the change in season. Both can be easy to repair. But if you fix the drywall and miss the framing, the crack will return. Our inspection can help determine what is significant or not. Have you been in your new crawlspace yet?

Annual Maintenance Inspection

Constructive Home Inspections can provide annual inspections for maintenance or repair concerns. An overlooked maintenance item such as a leaking gutter in an obscure area may not become apparent until several thousand dollars worth of damage is done to the soffit and fascia. An annual inspection may have reported a gutter leak that could have been fixed for less than a hundred dollars. When was the last time you checked your roof flashings or the crawlspace?

Specific Concern

Have a specific concern about a system or component of the home? Not sure about calling a contractor because you are concerned about getting an honest assessment of the condition? We can provide a report detailing the corrective action needed.